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Another way to buy BTS merchandise is to buy the official products that the members endorse. For example, if you love Jimin's purple hoodie, you can buy it on his official website. However, it's important to note that the hoodie sold out quickly. The hoodie was a limited edition of six hundred pieces and had a price tag of $83. The purple hoop earrings were personally designed by Jimin and were sold for a total of $62!

As the popularity of BTS grows, fake merchandise is an unfortunate reality. Many fans will pay more to support their favorite artists, but they shouldn't have to settle for a poor product. As a result, it's worth being aware of the potential risks that counterfeit products pose. Besides being embarrassing, fake BTS merchandise is also illegal. But it's still worth checking before you buy your next BTS merch.

The BT21 collection is available online. It can be found under the UT (Graphic T-Shirts) subcategory of the Men's apparel category. You can also buy it from physical stores. If you're looking for the official BT21 Army Fans Support T-shirt, this is the one for you! They have a very diverse range of products from which you can choose.



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